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SpaceBurgers - Intergalactic experience for anxiety and pain relief

Spaceburgers is the first virtual reality game designed in collaboration with the Stanford Chariot Program specifically for children in the hospital setting. In this game, patients get transported to outer space as they are immersed in relaxing music and zap space objects. Keep an eye out for crazy Spaceburgers that have somehow made their way into Earth’s orbit. This is the first game of its kind that allows a healthcare provider to adjust the cognitive load according to the patient’s needs. This way we can increase the amount of distraction during the most stressful parts of your child’s experience.

“Yum!” – Dr. Ban Tsui, Professor of Anesthesia, Stanford School of Medicine

“Wow, I can play Spaceburgers forever” – Dr. Grant McFadyen


Stanford Children's Health recently featured this project here:


Use cases include:

  • IV placements

  • Bandage changes

  • Cast removals

  • ENT debridement

  • Sensitive dental patients

  • Shots and blood draws

  • And any situation where the patient is stationary and needs to be fairly

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