Chris Smith // Founder & CEO

Chris has always been fascinated by the brain, psychology, and the intersection of technology and everyday life. In high school, he built 3D maps for games and did 3D rendering work for his high school musical.  Afterwards at the University of Tennessee, he completed programming, business, and mechanical modeling and design courses before graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Business.  Post university, he worked in sensors engineering at National Instruments.  

At National Instruments he was part of their Engineering Leadership Program where he worked with scientists around the country to automate and implement sensor systems including robotics, automobile testing, gas and wind turbine modeling, and particle accelerator safety and control systems. When he was 23, he was promoted to a business manager and managed relationships with customers around the southeastern US. 

After a brief stint in semi-professional sailboat racing and building sensor tech for sailboats he moved to San Francisco. There, he built an app for tracking Parkinson's tremor progression, some other apps related to health tracking, and worked at a top marketing technology startup to learn how to scale a business.

In December 2015, he met Eric and soon after decided to focus full time on creating therapeutic virtual reality experiences.

Eric Levin // Founder & CTO

Eric has had a long standing fascination with consciousness and mindfulness practices, studying neuroscience and psychology as an undergraduate and sustaining a consistent meditation practice for the past nine years. After spending a year as a medical student and realizing that wasn't the right path for him, he left to pursue a master's degree in Computer Science with a focus on game programming. 

After graduating, he moved to SF and worked as a professional software engineer in the web space for a few years before moving into the VR industry, where he's been for the last two years. He's been building beautiful visual experiences you can find on his github page here. For most of 2015, Eric worked as an engineer at High Fidelity, a social VR company in SF. During that time he built dozens of VR experiences on the High Fidelity platform.