Our Vision

When we think about the most compelling future we can imagine, we see a world where people are happy, giving, safe, and totally in tune with themselves and the world around them. We take time for each other and aren’t constantly rushing to the next thing. People meditate regularly and have come to know themselves as not much different from others. Racism, sexism, poverty, and injustice are largely nonexistent. People are fully aware they have all of the resources they need and fund community organizations to create a mindful, caring society. When you walk down the street people openly smile and connect instead of shying away in fear.

Children learn to manage their emotional and mental states through mindfulness training at an early age, and people continue these practices through adulthood and old age.  Meditation centers are just as common as coffee shops and sitting quietly is widely accepted. Mental health issues are largely nonexistent.  People eat healthier, fight less, and love, dance and create with much greater frequency and intensity.

When you are feeling stressed, depressed, mentally blocked, you can’t sleep, or have low energy, you will connect with a friendly, humanized system that knows exactly how to help you. You will receive a customized set of experiences that train you to solve these problems and achieve an ideal mental state. Your heart rate, breathing rate, EEG, GSR, and more will further enhance these experiences to help you overcome your emotional and psychological blocks.

This is the future we’re creating at Juno.  Our mission is to help billions of people become mindful and live more joyfully. We’re building a virtual reality mind-body training system that will connect people with the experiences and guidance they need to become their most authentic, powerful, loving self.

Distraction, addiction and anxiety

Life is more distracting than ever.  We're permanently in chasing mode. Our technology is training us to be always on and always anxious.  We're bombarded with infinite notifications and seemingly urgent tasks. 

People need a reboot switch. People need help to learn how to disconnect and take control of their lives.

Rapid change

At the same time, the world is changing rapidly... robotics, artificial intelligence, self driving cars, new currencies, synthetic biology, decentralized everything, mobile, virtual reality. To keep up with this change we need to be mentally malleable and able to adapt to the world as it changes. This requires presence of mind and thoughtful consideration of the mental structures that we create and maintain.

People need tools and guidance to manage their own mind and keep up in this fast paced world. 

Why JunoVR Exists

JunoVR exists to create virtual spaces and guided experiences that help people to recharge and gain control over their lives. Experiences that encourage a disconnect and recharge from the day to day. Relaxing, rejuvenating, empowering experiences that help people to live more mindfully and authentic to their true selves.

  • We believe that being in a relaxed and mindful state helps people to live a more meaningful, engaged, and empathetic life.  
  • We believe that the best possible world exists when everyone is acting from a place of mindful, authenticity and giving their unique gifts in service of others.
  • We believe that the best way to focus on your strengths and have the biggest impact is through meditation and thoughtful reflection.
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