July Updates: Breathing, Flying, Biofeedback and Moving Meditation

We've been making steady progress and learning a lot about what meditation/relaxation/mindfulness is in VR. Here are some of the key updates.

Breathing, flying, and the best meditation experience yet

Seeing your breath and interacting with the environment through speaking/sound/breath is pretty compelling if we can find a way to do it reliably.  We've found one way of combining breath and particle effects that creates a really magical feeling. This has been the first experience that I felt was engaging at the right level to stay in for 10 - 40 minutes.

Respiration / heart rate variability virtual reality biofeedback

We had the great fortune of working with Alan Macy (BioPac) and Mikey Siegel (Consciousness Hacking) a couple of weekends ago. This event gave us access to some high quality sensors and we pulled in some breathing / respiration data and tied it to your ability to fly around the environment. In the prototype, your breathing fullness controlled your ability and speed while flying around the environment. Surprisingly within 5 minutes I was very in tune with abdominal breathing. The world of biofeedback is definitely going to be revolutionized by VR.

Moving Meditation

At present, we're working on interactive soundscapes that can get someone connected with their body. This is moving in the direction of something like conscious dancing or ecstatic dance and seems like it may be a better use of the medium. Here's a video of some early explorations related to moving and music.

Stay tuned for more updates!