The Juno North Star

When we think about the most compelling future we can imagine, we see a world where people are totally open to each other, sharing, happy, safe, and freely expressing themselves. When you walk down the street people smile and say hello. People take time for each other and aren’t constantly rushing to the next thing. People meditate regularly and have come to know themselves as not much different from others. Racism, sexism, poverty, and injustice are largely nonexistent. People are fully aware that they have all of the resources they need. Community organizations abound, funded by the willingness to give of a mindful, caring society and the abundance created from widespread technological automation.

Children learn to manage their mind through mindfulness training at an early age.  Meditation centers are just as common as coffee shops and people widely accept the practice of sitting in quiet.  Extensive training programs and technologies exist for accelerating people’s ability to learn mindfulness.  Most people have experienced these programs through school, work, or their community. Mental health issues will largely be nonexistent.  Because society is broadly more mindful, people eat healthier, are more creative, fight less, love more, and dance more. 

When you are feeling stressed, depressed, mentally blocked, you can’t sleep, or have low energy, you will be able to tell a friendly, humanized artificially intelligent system exactly how you’re feeling. You will receive a customized set of experiences that train you to solve these problems and help you to achieve an ideal mental state. This system will know your heart rate, breathing rate, EEG, EMG, etc and provide custom tailored experiences and guidance help you overcome your emotional and psychological blocks.

This is the future we’re creating at Juno.  Our mission is to help 7 billion people become mindful and live more joyfully. We’re building a virtual reality mind training system that will connect people with the experiences and guidance they need to become their truest, most authentic, powerful, loving self.